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I'm a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. I’m a great place for you to tell a story and let your users know a little more about you.



Understanding Your Diet 
   What do you think about when you hear the word "Diet?"  One image may entail endless days of fasting and starvation, another image may include eating foods that are flavorless and similar to that of a rabbit.  If any of those images are still going through your head then keep reading.  Diet, according to the dictionary is defined as food considered in terms of its quality, composition, and effects on health; a particular selection of food esp. as prescribed to cure a disease, gain or lose weight, etc.; the usual or regular foods a person eats most frequently.  That being said, we are each following our own individualized diet every day.  Society has twisted and turned the meaning of diet and in most cases has associated it with short term pain which ends in long term weight loss, beauty and happiness. Well, if you take a look around you, society’s definition seems to be a bit flawed.


    I would like to suggest that you rethink the dictionary meaning of diet and not get caught up in semantics.  A diet is composed of food, thus it only makes sense to provide your body with the best food possible.  Better quality food can lead to a higher quality of health. 


    Unfortunately, obtaining good quality food is becoming harder and harder in today’s world.  The agricultural world’s largest customer is the fast food industry and their number one concern usually isn’t your health.  The small organic farmer is working hard every day to provide healthy, nourishing food for the body.


     So the next time you think about your diet, think about what really is in your diet.  Ask yourself questions like, is this real food or a food product (imitation food)? are the listed ingredients processed and full of  chemicals and words that I can’t pronounce.  Keep it simple, make smart choices such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and you won’t have to worry so much about your “diet!”   


                      Educated Eating Club
                              (E² Club)
          Your “Foundation” for better health!


Educated Eating Club (E² Club pronounced E two Club), is a grassroots concept that was created to inspire individuals to take back their power when it comes to abundant health.  E² Clubs serve to encourage and empower individuals to seek a higher level of health through education and awareness of personal food choices.  Everyone is welcome, there are no fees, promotion of products, or specific styles of eating endorsed.  It is a place where people of varied eating lifestyles come together regularly, in a relaxed nonjudgmental environment, to make the connection between the foods they eat (fuel) and how they feel (hormones). 


Most people are overwhelmed by the nutrition and health information received daily from media, medical, and the food industry.  Unsure who or what to believe many people get stuck and decide to give up on their health.  E² Club is a place where intelligent, like-minded people gather to question current information related to nutrition and health, support each other, talk about what they are eating, and actively seek solutions to their concerns.  Individuals share information and help each other navigate through the nutritional noise.  The Club stresses the importance of taking personal responsibility for your own health.


Let’s face it….every BODY is different so when it comes to eating, what works for one person may not work for the next person.  Regardless of the diet a person chooses to follow the basics remain the same!  In order to build a good quality home you must determine what type of house you desire, accurate blueprints must be drawn, supplies must be identified, ordered, delivered, assembled, and subsequently inspected for proper operation and inhabitability. 


Building your “Temple of Health” requires a similar plan of action, especially in today’s world of confusing and misleading guidance on nutrition and health.  Just like building a house you must decide on what level of health you want to pursue and develop an action plan.  Your action plan must include basic building blocks such as understanding the purpose of food; nutrients required to build a


healthy body; the types of fuels and how much fuel the body actually requires; the three categories of food; and how food affects your hormones.


When I work with individual clients the first order of business is to take a hard look at what they are eating.  A food diary is one of the most important tools to help you on your journey to better health. Before you decide on your next diet, plan your next meal, or go shopping, make the time to educate yourself on the basics.  Identifying “real food” can be a challenge for many people.  Quality and quantity of food do matter and if you don’t know what your body requires then too much of a “good food” can be bad for the body.


 E² Club discusses topics such as how to prepare a food diary, meal plans, stocking your refrigerator, freezer, pantry, foods to improve health and much, much more.  Optimal health doesn’t just happen it requires attention.  Some people believe that eating healthy is expensive and it can be if you don’t understand “how little” is required to nourish the body.  We currently live in a world of plenty what I refer to as a “Smorgasbord” society where food products are cheap and people want as much as they can get for their food dollar.  Just because you can eat something doesn’t mean you should eat it.  A coupon for a food product does not lead to savings if consumption of the food product leads to poor health.


Individuals are always encouraged to question whatever information they are provided and that includes the information I provide!  Remember no matter the condition the answer is nutrition!  So if E²  Club sounds right for you then join us, where developing a sound foundation for health is “Fundamental” and “No Reservations” are required!



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